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Offering personalized and tailor made hygiene and cleaning solutions made to meet the clients' needs.

Early in life, the founders of Rafiki had a peculiar habit which their peers often frowned upon. On entry to the work market, they found themselves gravitating towards picking after people and re arranging stuff.
The appearance of the workspace was of particular concern and within a short while they found themselves supervising how the workplace should look like. It is these phenomena which led to the description of a “Clean Freak” being attached.

Rafiki was born out of the founders desire to pursue a sustaibly clean environment through provision of professional hygien and cleaning solutions to ALL irrespective of the economic status.

The realization that everyone has a budget which can accommodate the services is what Rafiki leverages on to provide services across the socio economic spectrum.

Rafiki was incorporated in Kenya in 2018 and has made strides in pioneering the personalized and tailor made hygiene and cleaning solutions


Personal health and environmental sustenance is based on cleanliness. A clean individual, at home and away translates to a clean and sustainable environment.

The place of hygiene and cleanliness has acquired an instant importance in the face of novel disease amidst rapid environmental changes. These factors have raised concern as pertains to climate change caused by environmental degradation due to high levels of pollution.

In the face of a service industry where focus is on perceived financial conglomerates with muscle to engage professional services, the majority of the population is left to manage a hygiene and cleaning regime which at times they lack the expertise and ability to do. Rafiki Hygiene Care Ltd comes in to fill this gap with focus on offering hygiene and cleaning solutions at a personalized level and tailor made to the client needs built on the basis friendship.



Nothing is impossible! Our inabilities are born out of our mindset. What has been impossible to one person has been possible to another.
In the world of hygiene and cleaning, it is possible to reach every individual and maintain a business friendship that is mutually beneficial.


We offer advanced cleaning and hygiene solutions on a tested and proven model of personalized services tailor made for every client. The services are offered at cost effective and budget specific terms through use of state of the art equipment, highly advanced expertise and certified environmentally safe material and processes. The services span the: home, commercial, institutional and farm spectrum.


Focus on our mission to drive us to our vision while strictly adhering to our values is the road map by which we operate.